Cal Chuchesta

Обложка альбома Cal Chuchesta.
  • Трек: sad boy (prod. frankjavcee)
  • Исполнитель (артист): Cal Chuchesta
  • Длительность 2:50
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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  • Текст песни "Cal Chuchesta - sad boy (prod. frankjavcee)"

    Cal Chuchesta Verse:
    Peelin out like banana
    Raps on my head like bandana
    Chiquita nana
    Chiquita nana
    This ain't a peach from Atlanta
    Or freshly squeezed Tropicana
    Chiquita nana
    Chiquita nana
    Cal got em callin the coroner
    Dirty White Boy like I'm Foreigner
    You know that refer went way back
    Yo because homie don't play that
    See now I'm referencing Wayans
    Showing you Cal can go way in
    You can start callin me Goku
    Watchin me go super sayin
    yer boy Cal don't play play
    I don't whip and I don't nene
    Where I'm from ya see a freakin dead body every day day
    -WHAT....that's not true....
    -Whose raps are true?
    -Good point. Carry on.
    These rappers are pathetic
    They won't give Cal no credit
    I'm workin all the angles got my verses geometric
    Focus attack like I'm Ryu
    Psychic attack like I'm Mewtwo
    Hittin you up with a shoryu
    Stars on your head I confuse you
    I'll send you on a trip
    Call that get rest
    I keep it 300
    Call that sudden death

    Filthy Frank Verse:
    Some dumb shit about Thomas the Tank Engine

    NFKRZ Verse:
    hey nfkrz on the block
    there's a russian on the track, you're about to get shot
    never been in the corner selling crack but i'm coming real hard like a fucking cossack
    these bitches always said i aint gonna be high but i am on the track right now with the fucking pink guy
    don't know how it happened but since then nothing was the same
    russian boy with an english skill is right now killing the game
    N F K R Z with C A L and P I N K G
    slapping hoes that look like they from motherfucking
    pulling up on you in that fucking benz
    all black, 24inch rims and stanced
    ye i'll fuck this pussy just like i should
    gonna make you wanna say "that's pretty good"
    freeze motherfucker, i call this the "cold war"
    pull up on me check out what's in store
    think you're hot shit, more like a hot pocket
    ill destroy your career and turn it to profit
    i sent you to jail like i'm stalin
    steal your peninsula like i'm putin
    i'm high as fuck like i'm castro
    got a huge cock like i'm rasputin
    i'm the beauty, i'm the beast
    i'm the cyka, i'm the priest
    got a hunger for the cash
    and yes right now im on a fucking feast

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